Who is eligible for a grant?

Our Eligibility Requirements provide information about who is eligible for funding from The Goizueta Foundation.

What is the geographic scope of The Goizueta Foundation’s funding?

The Foundation provides funding to organizations within the 10-county metropolitan Atlanta area, including the following counties: 

  • Cherokee
  • Clayton
  • Cobb
  • DeKalb
  • Douglas
  • Fayette
  • Fulton
  • Gwinnett
  • Henry
  • Rockdale

However, the Foundation reserves the right to fund organizations that may fall outside our geographic parameters.

What activities and services are not funded by The Goizueta Foundation?

In general, we DO NOT fund:

  • Annual fund drives (i.e., membership drives)
  • Event or conference sponsorships
  • Grants to individuals
  • Awards, prizes or competitions
  • Capital campaigns
  • General operating expenses
  • Operating deficits or retirement of debt 
  • Political campaigns
  • Legislative lobbying to influence elections
  • Government agencies

We also DO NOT fund organizations that provide the following services:

  • Advocacy
  • Animal protection and wildlife preservation (including zoos and aquariums)
  • Arts and culture
  • Camps
  • Churches
  • Civil rights, social action and advocacy
  • Community improvement (including community action agencies and chambers of commerce)
  • Conservation/environments (including environmental education, gardens, and nature centers)
  • Emergency disasters and safety
  • Food, nutrition and agriculture
  • Health-related and medical research
  • Higher education
  • Housing development
  • International organizations
  • Legislative or lobbying associations
  • Membership benefit
  • Mental health, counseling and crisis intervention
  • Professional associations/membership organizations
  • Public foundations and community funds
  • Public policy and affairs
  • Public school districts
  • Public schools (including charter schools)
  • Recreational and social clubs
  • Religious organizations and/or religious orders
  • Temporary homeless shelters

However, the Foundation reserves the right to fund organizations that may fall outside our current areas of interest.

Does The Goizueta Foundation make grants to individuals?

No, the Foundation does not make grants to individuals.

Does The Goizueta Foundation provide scholarships?

In prior years, the Foundation has established endowments at various K-12 and higher-education institutions that award need-based financial aid directly to students. Also, a separate Goizueta Legacy Scholarships program has been established for children of employees of The Coca-Cola Company. 

Does The Goizueta Foundation fund Hispanic/Latino initiatives or give preference to Hispanic/Latino causes?

The Goizueta Foundation does not give preference to Hispanic/Latino causes. However, the Foundation may fund Hispanic/Latino initiatives if they meet our Eligibility Requirements

Does The Goizueta Foundation fund religious organizations?

No, the Foundation does not fund religious organizations.

Does The Goizueta Foundation fund environmental causes?

No, the Foundation does not fund environmental causes.

Does The Goizueta Foundation award grants to organizations just getting started?

While the Foundation strives to help all of our partners achieve success, we typically partner with established organizations that have strong leadership and a demonstrated record of financial stability.

Application Process

How do I apply for a grant or be considered for funding?

Please review the Foundation’s Application Process to be considered for funding.

Does The Goizueta Foundation have deadlines for submitting an application?

We accept applications on a rolling basis, so organizations may complete the Online Application at any time. 

What happens after I submit my application?

If your application is approved, program staff will contact you directly to discuss partnership ideas. We also will work closely with you to develop a formal proposal. Proposals are considered at the May and November board meetings. 

Will I receive a notification regarding the status of my application?

Yes, all organizations will be notified in writing of the Foundation’s funding decision after applications are reviewed.

What is the difference between an application and a proposal?

The online application is the first step in the application process. If your application is approved, program staff will contact you to collaborate in the development of a formal proposal that the board of directors will then review. 

How long does the typical review and selection process take?

Please review our Application Process for more information. Program staff continuously responds to all online applications on a regular basis. While the review time varies with each request, the Board of Directors reviews invited proposals twice per year. Organizations are notified of a decision immediately following the May and November Board of Directors meetings. 

Does The Goizueta Foundation ever provide emergency grants or grants outside your two grant cycles?

Our Board of Directors meets twice a year, so we are only able to provide funding during our grant cycles.

May I send the application by mail or directly to program staff?

The Goizueta Foundation only accepts applications through our online process.

Does The Goizueta Foundation accept unsolicited proposals or letters of inquiry?

No. However, The Goizueta Foundation has an open application process through which organizations may apply.  We encourage organizations to review our Eligibility Requirements prior to applying online.

May we make a presentation to the Board of Directors?

No. Because of time and staff limitations, all discussions are initiated by program staff.

How can I improve my chances of receiving a grant?

Please review our Eligibility Requirements, which include information about our Focus and Shared Values, as well as our Strategic Priorities. We look at these factors closely when determining whether to partner with an organization.  

How are funding decisions made?

The Board of Directors makes funding decisions that align with our Focus and Shared Values, as well as our Strategic Priorities.

What is the typical size and duration of grants The Goizueta Foundation awards?

The typical size and duration of grants varies on a case-by-case basis depending on the organization need and opportunity. 

How often can I reapply for funding?

Organizations that receive funding should refer to the original grant agreement. Eligibility requirements are updated annually. Organizations that have been declined funding are encouraged to review the Foundation’s Eligibility Requirements carefully before reapplying.

Does The Goizueta Foundation renew grants?

The Goizueta Foundation does not simply “renew grants.” Each grantee is required to complete the online application. Over time, the Foundation’s priorities may change. Organizations are encouraged to seek and establish diversified funding streams.  

Current Grantees

What is to be included in my required reports?

Please see the Reporting Requirements for additional information on what is to be included. 

Should I submit my budget in a specific format? Where can I find the budget form I should use?

Please refer to the budget provided with the original grant agreement. If you are unable to locate your grant agreement, please contact program staff.

If my budget, program structure or implementation timeline change at any time during the grant period, am I required to notify The Goizueta Foundation?

 Yes. If you have changes in budget, program structure and/or implementation timing, we ask that you communicate with program staff.  

In these cases, we generally require specific information pertaining to the original grant, as well as the requested grant revisions. This allows us to seek approval from the Foundation Board of Directors. Our Reallocation Process includes additional information.

Is an online reporting form available?

No, we do not have an online reporting form. 

Technical Support

How do I create an account?

Please visit our online application to create an account.

What if I forgot my username and password?

Please visit our online application and select the “Forgot Password?” link if you forget your username or password.

Can I save the application and complete it at another time?

Yes, you can save your application and complete it at another time. 

Can I spellcheck the narrative I include on my application?

Yes. Please use the red checkmark icon (where available) to spell check your narrative.

How do I know my application was received?

After you submit the application, you will receive an email that the proposal was received. If you do not receive this email please be sure to check your spam or junk email folder, or ask your email administrator about SPAM filter settings. Your administrator can ensure emails from mail@grantapplication.com are not blocked.

Why didn’t I receive an email after clicking on “forgot password” or submitting an application?

If you do not receive an email, please check your spam or junk email folder, or ask your email administrator about SPAM filter settings. Your administrator can ensure emails from mail@grantapplication.com are not blocked.

How do I access an online requirement?

Log in to your account here. Then, click the “requirements” tab. New items will be listed as links above the “in progress” list area.

Why don’t I see my requirements on my account page?

When you first log in to your “my account” page, the “applications” tab will be selected. To view any new requirements, click the “requirements” tab. New requirements will be displayed first, and you can click on the name to open one. To see in-progress or submitted items, change the selection in the “show” menu.

I’m experiencing error messages when I prepare to save or submit my application. What should I do?

Please contact info@goizuetafoundation.org if you experience any error messages or technical difficulties while saving or submitting an application. 

About The Goizueta Foundation

Is there a connection between The Goizueta Foundation and The Coca-Cola Foundation?

No, there is no connection between The Goizueta Foundation and The Coca-Cola Foundation. 

What is your connection with the Goizueta Business School at Emory University?

Although named for our founder, Roberto C. Goizueta, the Goizueta Business School is a separate legal entity of Emory University. The Goizueta Foundation is an independent private foundation that provides grants to the School so that it remains globally competitive in its mission of developing principled leaders.

Contacting The Goizueta Foundation

Is there a specific person I should contact at The Goizueta Foundation?

The Goizueta Foundation respectfully requests that all inquiries be directed through Foundation staff. Please contact info@goizuetafoundation.org and you will be directed to the appropriate person. 

I’m a member of the media. Whom should I contact?

Please contact info@goizuetafoundation.org and your request will be directed appropriately. 

Does The Goizueta Foundation offer tours of its office space?

No, we do not offer office tours. While we appreciate interest in our office space, The Goizueta Foundation is dedicated to investing 100 percent of its time to working collaboratively with our partners. We encourage you to visit our Resources to learn more about the Goizueta legacy.