Leadership & Staff

The Goizueta Foundation is led by Roberto C. Goizueta’s immediate family. The Board of Directors includes:

  • Olga Goizueta Rawls, Chair and CEO
  • Javier C. Goizueta, Director
  • Roberto S. Goizueta, Director
  • Amelia Rawls Medina, Director
  • Thompson Rawls, Director
  • Cristina Goizueta Rosato, Director
  • Caroline Rawls Strumph, Director

The Foundation staff includes:

  • Julianna Cagle, Vice President of Programs
  • Mary Humann Judson, President
  • Courtney J. Lee, Administrative Assistant
  • Amy McCrory, Program Officer
  • M.J. Thorne, Director of Grants Management
  • Christy Utberg, Vice President of Finance and Administration

Board members should not be contacted personally regarding the Foundation. Please direct all inquiries to program staff. Contact info@goizuetafoundation.org to reach our team.

Foundation Board members and staff do not grant press interviews.