Who We Are

Roberto C. Goizueta was chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company from 1981 until 1997. He established The Goizueta Foundation in 1992 to provide financial assistance to educational and charitable institutions. Today, the Foundation is a family philanthropy that works alongside forward-thinking organizations in metro Atlanta to inspire motivated young people to learn and succeed. 

We believe that challenging organizations to think about education in innovative, strategic ways is a catalyst for creating life-changing opportunities for individuals and long-term benefits for the communities in which they live and serve.

The Foundation’s primary focus is on expanded learning initiatives in the 10-county metropolitan Atlanta region, specifically:

The Goizueta Foundation is a private, general-purpose, grantmaking philanthropy. Since its inception, the Foundation has partnered with more than 85 organizations through 555 grants, totaling more than $386 million.