Robert C. Goizueta

Types of Funding

The Goizueta Foundation supports efforts that are most aligned with our grant-making priorities within metropolitan Atlanta.  As a result, the types of funding we provide include support for: institutional strengthening; organizational and program development or expansion; and organizational and project planning.

In general, The Goizueta Foundation DOES NOT fund:

  • Annual Fund drives (i.e. membership drives)
  • Events/Conference Sponsorships
  • Grants to Individuals
  • Awards/Prizes/Competitions
  • Capital Campaigns
  • General Operating Expenses
  • Operating Deficits or Retirement of Debt
  • Political Campaigns
  • Legislative Lobbying to Influence Elections
  • Government Agencies
  • Projects that do not fit within our current program area priorities

Funding Specifications:

The Foundation seeks to build relationships with grantees and understand their impact before investing in organizations long term.

Organizations may apply for a grant not to exceed 7% of their annual operating budget.  The organization may submit a multi-year program budget that includes a range of three to five years of funding needs.

There is no guarantee that a grant will be renewed once it expires.