K-12 Education

Our vision in K-12 Education is to positively impact the academic success of K-12 students in metropolitan Atlanta. We partner with high-performing independent schools and large-scale organizations working within public school systems.

We direct our funding in two distinct areas:

  • Afterschool and Summer Academic Programs


We believe that STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) is a critical component of 21st century learning and is key to many students’ successes.

Our GoSTEAM (Goizueta + STEAM) initiative supports the implementation of inspiring and promising academic programs in schools.

Afterschool and Summer Academic Programs 

We believe that afterschool and summer learning programs that extend beyond the traditional school day and academic year can provide the robust programming that leads to student achievement.

This funding supports well-established nonprofits that seek to expose more children to continued classroom instruction and prepare students for college and life.