Focus and Shared Values

Everything we do alongside our partners points toward our focus: Giving young people the opportunity, through education, to succeed.

As a foundation, we abide by six core principles. Inspired by Mr. Goizueta, our shared values describe the characteristics that we look for in the organizations with which we partner. Our shared values are:

A Love of Learning

By listening to and learning from our partners, we can best address the educational needs of young people and help them succeed. In turn, our partners instill a desire to learn in the young people reached by their programs, which fosters academic enrichment and achievement.

Inspirational Leadership

We help our partners create and fulfill a vision for what a good education can do and the world of opportunities it can provide. At the same time, our partners are leading the way through strategic, forward-thinking programs. Together along with other foundations, individual philanthropists and nonprofit leaders, we are a voice for Atlanta and the Southeast.

Creative Thinking

We don’t fund the status quo. We challenge organizations to develop and implement programs in ways that may not have been considered before. Our partners understand that at the root of innovation lies the ability to identify and solve problems and to create new ideas.

Courage and Commitment

Our grantees often remind us that it takes strong dedication and brave action to achieve success, especially when trying new outreach strategies and working within tight budgets. We strive to partner with organizations that are willing to think outside of the box and provide long-term positive solutions to meet community needs.

Transparency and Trust

We believe the best relationships begin with an honest discussion and assessment of the organization’s challenges as well as their dreams. Through openness, a trust develops with our partners that helps reveal the real problems that need solving and where we can best make a difference.

Excellence and Integrity

Mr. Goizueta did not tolerate good results; he wanted excellent results. And, like him, we believe that “Without integrity, you have nothing.” We have high expectations of the organizations with whom we partner, including their uncompromising adherence to ethical principles.